Each rediSell website is designed and deployed by the experienced development team at IndyDutch Solutions. Our team will walk you step-by-step through the design process to create an engaging eCommerce site that is not bound by a group of “pre-canned templates.”

With the rediSell Desktop Uploader Tool and a direct integration to SAP Business One systems, rediSell users are able to quickly and easily upload data from their SAP Business One system to their eCommerce site. These built in tools are not only useful when first launching an eCommerce site, but they also make managing and updating a rediSell site as easy as updating master data in your SAP Business One system.

The IndyDutch Solutions team is a software consulting and software development organization that has been working with SAP Business One systems since the beginning. We offer a large range of SAP Business One consulting services as well as several add-on solutions for SAP Business OneTM. If you are interested in any of our services or products, feel free to contact us below or visit

A highly scalable, affordable and reliable B2B eCommerce solution that readily integrates with SAP Business One.

Complete flexibility to customize your eCommerce site to remain consistent with all your marketing channels and company branding.

Custom site design and development to create a rich, engaging and immersive online shopping experience.