IndyDutch Solutions Launches rediSell 2.0; Integrated SAP Business One eCommerce Solution

Monday, February 27, 2012

rediSell allows SAP Business One users to soar above their competition with an eCommerce solution complete with customer specific catalog and pricing, customer specific checkout, custom site and store design, credit card processing, shipping system integration and many other features, all fully integrated with SAP Business One.


IndyDutch Solutions, an SAP Business One consulting and software development organization, has announced the launch of their highly anticipated release of rediSell 2.0, an SAP Business One eCommerce solution, now available for demo at rediSell provides SAP Business One users with a robust platform capable of engaging B2B and B2C customers, providing a rich online shopping experience, customized to match company branding.


In a business world focused on efficiency and accuracy, rediSell allows SAP Business One users to compete with larger firms online. IndyDutch Solutions provides experience in website design and development, with a reputation for creating captivating, user-friendly eCommerce websites. Whether a company does primarily B2B or B2C transactions, there are few that disagree with the value of an eCommerce website. rediSell offers the value of a robust eCommerce solution, developed and implemented by an experienced team, all for a reasonable price.


rediSell-Fully Customizable, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Whether a company is interested in building upon an existing website or starting a new one, rediSell is able to align perfectly with company branding, colors and marketing campaigns. rediSell is not limited to “pre-designed website templates,” but provides its customers the flexibility to create and customize their eCommerce site to their exact specifications.

rediSell-Two Way Integration

rediSell is fully integrated with SAP Business One to allow data to be securely transferred back and forth in real time. An order placed on a rediSell eCommerce site will download to SAP Business One in real time with the option to create the Sales Order or just save it as a draft, saving employees time and increasing the accuracy of customer orders. In the same way, items, prices and other master data entered into SAP Business One will automatically transfer to the rediSell web store.


rediSell-Powerful Search Capability

rediSell features a powerful, integrated search function that incorporates into the web store. Customers are able to search for any phrase or filter data found on the eCommerce site, making it easy to navigate the site quickly and efficiently. Unlike other eCommerce solutions, the rediSell search function requires no additional cost to implement or manage, helping to drive up revenue without additional investment.


rediSell-Uploader Desktop Tool

With the rediSell Uploader Desktop Tool, users are able to upload information such as item catalogs, item prices and graphics files straight to their eCommerce site right from their desktop. Users can also view the frequency of customer logins as well as the status of shopping carts, helping to monitor customer traffic on their eCommerce site.


rediSell-Business Benefits

While rediSell is designed to help companies optimize their investments in ERP, CRM and other solutions, it is also designed with an intuitive interface, allowing eCommerce content to be easily managed, without requiring support from IT staff. rediSell enables companies to evaluate their eCommerce site performance and track customer trends. This level of visibility gives companies the ability to identify areas of improvement to optimize their entire eCommerce site.

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About IndyDutch Solutions

IndyDutch Solutions improves and expedites small business processes by specializing in software consulting and software development for SAP Business One. The IndyDutch Solutions team has been working with SAP Business One since the time SAP Business One was launched. IndyDutch specializes in SAP Business One implementation and optimization, offers several SAP Business One Add-on solutions, and is well-known for their honesty, integrity, and commitment to delivering value in the SAP Business One customer community.