rediSell Introduction

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

rediSell is an integrated eCommerce solution for SAP Business One.  When we talk about integration we really mean 2-way:  information both going out and coming in. A short introduction to the basics of rediSell would include our B2B/B2C solution, that is fully integrated to SAP Business One, along with a website design that is aligned to your brand.

B2B and B2C eCommerce Solution

rediSell is primarily a B2B solution, of course we have B2C components as well.  Most B2C customers pursue an online strategy utilizing the marketing power of Amazon and Google so an independent website isn't as much of a focus as it is for the B2B companies.

Fully integrated to SAP Business One

rediSell is an add-on to SAP Business One, and it is a separate menu item. Any item in SAP Business One can be made available or not available in the e-store.  When you decide an item will be viewable online it is easy to select what you would like to show, and that data can include short and long description, item categories, item price and even item images.  On the Business Partner side you can set up the login for customers, or if they have multiple locations you can have address-level logins. You define the rules should a Business Partner be on hold in SAP they will be on hold and unable to purchase on terms.  After defining the numbering series for online orders, as e-store orders are placed they will flow into the SAP Business One system where a user can select that all orders will be saved as draft orders to allow for reviewing before processing; or order processing can be fully automated.

Custom site design

Our model of working is not template-based, we can start from scratch developing your website with a design that matches your brand strategy and your target market, and we create a brand image that aligned with your other marketing materials.  Some customers already have a website design, and they just want to incorporate an online shopping component and that is possible as well.  We strive for a strategic alliance with our customers instead of just offering a run-of-the-mill solution.

by Suda Sampath, IndyDutch Solutions